Our principles and values form the foundation of our corporate culture and are also our action guide, the main selection criterion we meticulously follow when selecting our teams and partners:


we're passionate about retail, we are extremely clear in our proposals, enthusiastic, curious, creative, challenging, very focused and, indeed, addicted to RETAIL.

our commitment to our customers’ interests is our top priority and ensuring that our customers achieve their goals is the reason we are in this business.

we believe that talent is innate and develops over time that is well-spent, but above all that it has a lot to do with what you’re passionate about. Here at Grow we enjoy our work, our mission and the corporate vision we want to build.

we pursue excellence, rigour and quality. We seek to exceed our customers’ expectations in everything we do.

our actions and recommendations are realistic and pragmatic, which means that transparency and the interests of our customers take precedence over other criteria that do not seek to ensure the best recommendations for their interests. We provide an external, independent and discerning vision.

we invest in the creation and development of long-term relationships based on trust and the mutual contribution of value with our customers and partners and with the people who are part of our team.

our approach is PROACTIVE and ENTERPRISING. If at any time we believe something should be done differently to improve outcomes, we’ll suggest it with no thought for other interests.

we believe we have to find a balance between rigour and firmness in our approach and our recommendations and knowing how to be flexible when the situation requires, acting in a visible or discreet way as called for by the situation. We can easily adapt to the various situations and roles that we play to further our customers’ interests.

we believe that excellence is a personal goal, and that extraordinary results are in the vast majority of cases the result of teamwork to which each individual brings the best of him or herself. As a result we nurture the foundations for genuine teamwork both in our internal processes and also with our customers and partners. As a result, we lay the foundations for genuine teamwork between ourselves and our networking partners as well as with people at our client companies.