GROW’s finest letter of introduction is the recommendation of our customers, and this is crucial to our development. Most of our projects have come about due to recommendations from previous customers. By way of summary, the main things that set us apart and make up our value proposition are as follows:


* Specializing in retail
* Objectivity and clarity
* Responsibility
* Talent
* Rigour
* Integrity and independent judgement
* Initiative.
* Flexibility
* Teamwork

We develop ad hoc methods when required using an approach
based on project needs.

Most of the members of our team have successfully held highly relevant management posts in their careers in various retail and property companies. As a result we can identify with our customers because we have been "on the same side of the fence" for years and have had to deal with situations, decision-making and similar problems. That means we can share their concerns and interests from a standpoint of rigour, integrity and independent judgement as external consultants.

We bring great value to our customers by giving them excellent value
for money that meets their needs.