GROW is a consulting firm, formed by professionals specialized in the retail sector whose experience and values at the service of this project, serve as guarantee for the success of companies that rely on us.

Grow comprises:

Rafael González de la Puente
(+34) 609 469 108

After 12 years’ experience in multinational commercial distribution companies and shopping centre management, he has provided external advisory services to various companies in the retail, hotel and food services sectors.

He is also a specialist in arranging official licences for the setting up of new businesses and is a member of the property committees of some of our client companies as an external adviser for the mapping out and implementation of their expansion and development plans.

He is currently part of the GROW team as a business consultant specializing in institutional relations and arranging the licences required for any expansion plan.

Santi Prat
(+34) 619 106 271

He was born to a pioneering family in the retail and large-scale distribution sector where he learnt the basics of the trade through holding positions of responsibility in the family business.

Subsequently he became a manager at a multinational where he was tasked with business development in expansion and property departments and employed the rigour, methods and practice that are laid down in these companies.

He then went on to found his own consulting company where he could bring all the experience gained during his professional career to bear on advising retail companies about organic growth, mergers and acquisitions and planning large-scale commercial projects, achieving very satisfactory professional and personal results.

He is currently part of the GROW team as a business consultant.

Julio Vilar
(+34) 679 190 797

In keeping with the tradition of Barcelona’s business families, initially he ran family concerns before moving on to head various lines of textile imports.

Subsequently he gained experience in the construction sector working with investment and engineering companies on the implementation of all kinds of projects. In 1999 he joined a national consultancy firm specializing in projects for commercial buildings in which knowledge of planning and construction costs is a priority.

At present together with his partners at GROW he delivers technical consultancy services for new projects.

Xavier Pagès
(+34) 689 586 222
He began his career in the family meat and meat by-products distribution business.

Later on he worked in the expansion departments of multinational retail distribution companies for several years, analyzing land and premises for new establishments and conducting market research.

Subsequently he became an expansion manager for property development companies where he was in charge of land purchasing and town planning management, as well as responsible for market research and licensing and urban development negotiations with the authorities.

He is currently a business consultant at GROW.