In many cases, although our customers do have thorough knowledge of their business and sector, they come to us because they lack the specific methods for the orderly implementation of their expansion plan, explicit knowledge of the property market or sufficient time and resources to put their projects in place.

In addition we can bring a powerful and independent external view which in many cases accounts for a good part of the value we provide.

We also help to ensure our clients' organizations evolve by growing, changing, adapting, becoming more focussed and better directing their efforts to attain organic growth.


We help to draw up and/or implement our customers’ Expansion Plans.

We find and select the best locations following the guidelines set by the Expansion Plan.

We negotiate the terms of the lease/purchase agreements for new sites with the most advantageous conditions for our customer.

We assess and analyze the “potential market” in a particular location.

We help with the strategic definition of the type of commercial use for a particular location. We analyze it and make recommendations about the operator’s sector and the size and format required to select the most successful commercial formula.

Based on the market research and assessment of the “potential market”, we examine the feasibility of the project’s short- and medium-term profitability.

We handle negotiations for business licences with the authorities and obtain them in the shortest possible time so as to improve the future profitability of the new business.   

We work with investment groups specializing in sale and leaseback transactions in the retail sector.

We provide technical assessments of property and plots for commercial use.
We help with town planning management in the development of shopping areas with the authorities.

We assist with and advise on the launch of new store models or formats.
We advise on the definition of commercial location criteria for retailers who want or need to expand their sales volume, step up their recognition or add to the overall profitability of their retail business.

We audit conditions and rent in their lease agreements in order to increase their profitability through renegotiating their current contract conditions.
We carry out analysis to identify problems and enable decisions to be taken about what to do in atypical or adverse situations, such as falling sales, loss of market share, restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, etc.